Monday, May 26, 2008

Would you like some random with your coffee?

Some movies I've seen: Prince Caspian, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, A New Wave and The Hard Easy (some crappy bank robbing movies starring both John Krasinski AND David Boreanaz), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Baby Mama, Harold and Kumar, Gray Matters (a weird indy with Heather Graham and Tom Cav...Ed), December Boys, Death at a Funeral, and...I think that's all of them. Also, I've re-watched Cloverfield and Juno over and over again.

So, I've noticed that lately I've been getting less convex and I think I may be dropping a few pounds. I just have to reach the goal I set then I can reward myself! I was thinking of rewarding myself with a new tattoo but we'll see what happens.

I can't take summer school because it costs too much. I'm going to be working a lot more instead. The hunt for a new job begins! I think I'll work this summer at Apple Spice, but that's only for the summer. I'm going to have to quit a job though. I can't keep up with Beer Nut, IHC, soccer AND Apple Spice. One of them has to go.

Right now I'm looking for a picture of my Men in Black cake my mom made for one of my birthdays. That cake was awesome. And I'm watching The Andromeda Strain. I read that book a while ago, I actually liked it.

I've been struggling with aspects of my life lately. I don't want to go into detail's hard. I feel like I've lost everything and I don't know what to think or what I can do about it because I try so hard to believe it but everything is proving otherwise. It doesn't make sense but like I said, I didn't want to go into detail.

There have been some life changing movies in my life. Mean Girls made me grow up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall made me realize what I want to do with my life, and I think Indiana Jones made me realize what I might want to do in school. We'll see though.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How Indiana IV Came To Be

(A man, GEORGE, sits alone at his desk. Maybe he's drawing some weird stuff. You know, for the cartoons of his Star Wars series. Another man, STEVEN, enters frantically, looking excited.)

STEVEN: George! George!

GEORGE: (in his feminine drawl) Yes, Steven?

STEVEN: I just had an amazing idea! You ready?

GEORGE: Always, let's hear it.

STEVEN: Alright, what if we took AAAALLLL the movies we've made and combined them into one awesome Indiana Jones sequel!

GEORGE: Oooooh I don't know...will Harrison do it?

STEVEN: No, no, it's cool, he'll do it. I've got it covered don't worry.

(Meanwhile, in the fortress of Harrison Ford-itude...)

HARRISON FORD: (on the phone with STEVEN, who has just pitched the idea) Oooooh I don't know...

STEVEN: No, it'll be great!

HARRISON FORD: Why don't you just let sleeping dogs lie? The first and third were great, I have disowned the second. Come on, leave it alone.

STEVEN: What if we gave you a GREAT ending that George and I have been planning for 15 years???


(5 years later in a movie theater...)

REBECCA: THAT'S what took 15 years to plan!? I want a refund.

El Fin

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Horoscope of Eerie Aptness

Taurus May 17, 2008:

Are you looking for something to be passionate about in your life? Now that you've ticked so many things off of your 'to do' list, figuring out what to do next might seem like a tough proposition. But there is a good way to get started -- look around today at your people and find out what hobbies, politics and interests they have been into lately. Spend some time learning about the passions of the people you respect, and you just might land upon your next big thing.

"Money doesn't buy happiness."

"That phrase should end with, 'just kidding.'"

Because I'm a Taurus, I tend to do a lot of impulse buying. I bought a $500 camera today. It's a really, really nice one and I love it dearly. I only bought it because I got an economic stimulus check and a pay check in the mail. I don't know what I was thinking.

It's not buyer's regret. It's Rebecca-has-no-money-what-was-I-thinking regret. Suddenly, I have to spend all this money that I don't have and I can't do it anymore. I have school, I have a trip to Seattle coming up, I HAVE SCHOOL. I haven't been staying at home so I have to help pay my own way for things. I HAVE SCHOOL.

I'm thinking of dropping my summer semester. I can barely afford my school as-is, why add to the pressure by adding another semester? I really don't know what to do. Why does money have to be such a huge issue in my life?

If you're wondering, it's a Nikon D40 and it's amazing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Passion, Drive, and Grit.

I never felt I've been very good at writing, but every says it's what I do best. I guess I disagree because I haven't creatively written anything for my own desire or for fun. I try to work on it but I get distracted. With nothing, usually.

I don't feel very passionate about anything and that's why I'm feeling so lost in my own life right now. Running away for a weekend is great, but when I get back I'm faced with life's questions. Should I stay here? Should I go home? I know when I go home I'll just want to leave again, so should I make the most of my time here? What should I eat for lunch? What can I do to be a better person? Why isn't there anything good on tv?

My biggest problem right now is I just don't know what do to about my life. I don't like one of my jobs. I'm not passionate about it. I want to do something I'm passionate about. I just don't know what I love. I need a direction so...I'm looking for one.

I should really try writing again.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Lineup?

I miss having weekends.

But I've been working a lot. And I mean a LOT. I started my job at the rec center as a referee for little kids soccer and it is so much fun! Watching little kids (pre-school and kindergarten) try to play soccer is just such a treat. I never knew kids could be so cute.

I'm going camping this weekend. It's going to be sweeeet.

I've gone to the gym everyday this week after work. Zack is really whipping me into shape. I hate him in the gym. He's a really great motivator though. He wants to be a personal trainer so he "practices" on me. This first week has been so painful. However, we were watching tv this evening and while he was giving me a foot rub he noticed I've gained some muscle. Muscle! ME! It's scary. I've got it on my legs and my arms, it's...freaking me out. I feel great though, and that's awesome.

I'm off. It's one thirty in the morning and I need sleep.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Movin' on up?

Since school is over, I was really looking forward to finally having the summer to relax. Then I realized I have summer semester.

What was I thinking? Summer school? School is for the birds!

I've been looking at facebooks and blogs and everyone is saying how they miss their dorm and how it's their "home". Andrew and I were talking, and he said that since he didn't move out or live in a dorm he feels like he missed a major life step. I couldn't agree more.

Hence I'm staying at my second house until I get kicked out.'s kind of like moving out.

I've been working almost non-stop, between school, work, other work, training for other work, I miss not doing anything. Can't I just quit move to Hawaii now? Speaking of which, my mom is so against my going to Hawaii and moving out. Aw, it's cute.

Have you seen the infomercial for that grass carpet thing? It's a carpet with seeds in it that you lay on your lawn, water it, and watch it grow! It's like chia-rolls. Yo quiero chia-rolls.