Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yes. I made this. The super-duper final/second cut will appear on


Give me another year and I will try to follow in my mothers...skates...

Monday, March 9, 2009

100th post

I may be celebrating prematurely but...
Guess who announced their tour dates today for the European leg of their tour.
Guess who's playing in Croke Park in July 24th?
Guess who is going to Ireland this summer?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My weekend was...eventful.

It started out with me being miserable because I hated Zack's new roommate. Oh, allow me to back track. Since his mom got remarried, she's been living at her new husbands house. Long story short, Zack and Erin and his friend moved in until she can sell it.

I hated Zack's friend. Absolutely. Bleh. He's a recovering drug addict and I found him annoying as crap until I got to know him and it turns out he's pretty cool. I'm still giving him a shot.

However, Erin is not moving in anymore because of...technicalities...

On Friday I saw Watchmen, on Saturday I saw Paul Blart (I am ashamed), and on Sunday I saw Push. I only liked Watchmen. Oh well.
Um...I think that's it for now. I would just like to say I love Zack so much and I am so glad he is here for me when I need him. He is always so great to talk to and he always makes me feel better, no matter what my problem is.
BTW, Sydney, did you hear Dakota Fanning is going to be Jane in the New Moon movie?