Tuesday, June 8, 2010


1. This weekend was epic. I DROVE FROM SALT LAKE TO PHOENIX. BY MYSELF. It was exhausting and exhilirating.

2. I honestly love it here. It's weird looking around and not seeing mountains but an endless city.

3. It's HOT. But I like it. I was so done with being cold. People keep saying, "you'll come to hate it!" and I just don't see that happening.

4. I have a job interview todayyyy I really hope something good comes from it.

5. After said interview, I'm going to get my bangs cut because they are driving me crazy. Poor timing for a hair cut haha.

6. I spent Saturday and Sunday at my aunt Wendy's house in the middle of the desert. It took forever to drive there, and I got lost on the way back. But I like staying at her house because I feel like a princess.

7. Emily and I did a bunch of apartment shopping yesterday at Target. We got super sweet deals.

8. I've been going to bed at 11 and waking up at 9. I guess that's what happens when you live with your grandpa.

9. I downloaded the first season of Ed! Good show.

10. I miss Zack :(

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Late again...

1. No one posted a Ten on Tuesday for me to copy yesterday, so, I'll just talk for ten points.


3. Speaking of which, remember how my A/C wasn't working last summer? And I thought it just needed a recharge? And I took it to Jiffy Lube, paid $100 and was happy for a couple of days? Then remember how the weather turned crappy and I wasn't able to use my A/C because it was too cold, and then it got warm again? Well, I turned on my A/C, expecting chilly goodness, and I got nothing. THERE IS A LEAK OR SOMETHING. I'm thrilled that this happened the day before I leave to the land of 110. So I'm taking it in today to get a diagnostic and estimate. Keep in mind I have, like, no money.

4. Zack and I went to his step brother's for dinner last night and I FINALLY got to see their new baby. Did you know babies have wigs? Good, because they don't. That baby was just born with one.

5. I have sooo much to do today. Take my car in, go get kids, finish packing and laundry...

6. I might have a job interview this weekend at 24 Hour Fitness! The guy hasn't called me back but I have his number so hopefully I can make that happen.

7. I finally figured out my DVD burning situation on Windows 7, so I'm currently cleaning up disc space on my laptop. I really like movies.

8. I cleared the season passes on the downstairs Tivo, I figured my dad wouldn't want a million 16 and Pregnant reruns recorded when I'm not living here. Or would he?

9. Zack and I have also been playing poker a lot. We have to find a way to play together online.

10. OH THE BIGGEST NEWS OF ALL I FORGOT....U2 cancelled their North American tour. I know, I know. They were kicking off in Salt Lake tomorrow (which I wasn't going to, because I will be driving) and we had tickets to see them in Seattle in two weeks. Linnea and Alison are not going to Seattle anymore, but the Murray family (Emily, Anna Lisa and Tod) is still going and I get to go too! They have baseball tickets and so I get to go to a Mariners game and spend time with Zack!

11. Extra Special Extra Number: This is how I feel when I go to pick up Alex and Katya from Rowland Hall
Also also, are you watching Glee? That show...I secondhand embarrassment literally hurts when I watch BUT I CAN'T NOT WATCH.