Friday, January 21, 2011

Here's a quick update:

1. I made it onto the Fresh Meat of the Salt City Derby Girls, it's been so great. I'm covered in bruises and more athletic, I've even made a friend!

2. I finally got that iPhone I've been complaining about.

3. I loooove my job, I have responsibilities and I'm continually learning.

4. Staying in SLC for school, but unsure of where to transfer, help? Anyone?

5. Yes, Zack and I are still together.

Which brings me to a bit of seriousness. What happens when you feel like the universe stops listening to you? I've been putting the power of positive energy to use in my life and it's helped me immensely. However, it becomes hard to watch the lives of the ones you love when they are making wrong decisions or not getting fair treatment. It's hard when you feel you put everything out there and receive nothing in return. You try to be humble, you try to be grateful and kind, but rudeness and selfishness is thrown back at you.

I would love nothing more than to grow and move forward, but the universe seems to want me to stay put for a bit longer, and I guess I have to learn how to accept that, even if it seems extremely unfair.