Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to Deal

These are things I am learning to deal with while I try to find a job and triumph over this fall semester:

-How to live the frugal way. Since I have no free income, it is hard to see my paychecks go directly to bills.

-How to live without an iPod. My iPod died on the last day of my vacation to Ireland, and it's been difficult to get by without my music handy.

-Starting from scratch and letting go. My external hard drive was stolen, which had (what feels like) my whole life in 120 gigs.

-Walking. My feet are getting better, but worse at the same time. I don't have that shooting pain up my heel anymore, but now I have an all over pain in both heels.

-Being physically fit. I'm working hard to get into shape, not just for the benefits but so I can feel better about myself.

-Pushing myself. Whether it be socially or physically, I'm trying to not be such a social hermit.

-Patience and rejection. It's hard to fill out so many applications and not see results.

-Asking for help. Sometimes you just need to know when to ask.

-My jealousy. It gets in the way more than you'd know, and I'm trying to put my feelings aside in order to appreciate the things I do have and can control.

-Self esteem. I don't have a lot of it, but I think it'll show up soon.

-Responsibilities. I'm trying a lot harder at school and at home. I'm trying to make more face time in both places.

-Figuring out my passions. The thing that makes job searching difficult is I have no idea what I really want to do. Also, I have no experience in anything. If I could sit around all day writing, that would be perfect. Alas, I am not a successful writer. Yet.