Thursday, July 21, 2011

Miss The Misery

Don't change your mind,
you're wasting light.
-Miss The Misery by Foo Fighters

Slow your roll. I'm not miserable at all so don't get to thinking, "my goodness, ANOTHER emo post? Grow up, girlfriend."

Precisely the opposite. I am thrilled with where my life is. Sure, I have moments of extreme anxiety (typically when I'm PMS-y, then it goes away), but otherwise? I am so happy with my life.

Have things ever felt different for you? Boyfriend and I have been talking, making plans and this time, plans feel different. Plans feel real. Universe is telling me, "yes, this is the time."

That Foo Fighters lyric has been sticking with me the last couple of days. Whenever I feel lazy, unmotivated, I think of the lyric above. I need to stop wasting my time and get a move on. I have a plan, I have ideas, now I need to act on them.

And for once, I'm so motivated to actually achieve something.

Go team!


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