Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why My Boyfriend's A Cheesy Dork.

So, my boyfriend's a huge dork, but he's hot (like, really hot) so I keep him around. He's incredibly funny, intelligent and sweet, and here's an example how.

This evening after work we decided to hang out and basically take it easy because it had been a long day. He asked if I wanted something steaky or fishy for dinner, and I of course said Taco Bell because I wanted to wear sweats tonight. He picks me up (an hour later) and I had changed my mind to Arby's because I wanted a sandwich. He says, "You're killing me!" and I apologize for being so indecisive.

He says he forgot his wallet at his house so we had to make a pit stop there. After telling me to wait really quick in the car, he dashes inside. I sit and sit and sit and eventually he calls me to tell me to come inside because he needs help finding it. "Bah," I groan and mosey on inside. Surprise surprise he's changed out of his sweats into a dress shirt and pants, holding flowers and the table is set so nicely I'm afraid to touch it. Of course Foo Fighters (the live album) is playing and Taco Bell is on the table (he WAS going to make steaks but I messed it up).

Afterwards he surprises me with chocolate dipped strawberries from Rebecca's Chocolates (hee) because I was craving them last week when I was sick. We then proceeded to watch Lost and eat the strawberries (AND he also recorded one of my favorite comedians special on TV that night).

Basically he's amazing. Proof? His first album he bought was Under A Blood Red Sky by U2. He's pretty dang smart.


ClanRodgersAZ said...

Cheesy Dorks are the best kind. That was so sweet. I like him more all the time. Give him a kiss for me.

Ask your Mom to tell you about the time she and Wendy fixed lobster for Grandpa and me for our anniversary. It was a wonderful evening. Love, Nana