Sunday, May 10, 2009

I suppose it's been a while since I blogged...I wrote up a baking blog but it was only saved to the drafts and I don't feel like blogging about baking.

I guess this weekend kind of sucked, there's been some dramatics, I've been sick, and things have just been a bit tough.

Lately, I've wanted to grow up so fast. I just want to get married already and be graduated already and things are going too slow. I did get a jump start this week, though. I really struggled with school this semester, but Linnea really helped me out and now I'm feeling a strong urge to power through and get my degree, even if it will be just an English degree.

But, as I said, I've been dying to get married. Not really married, just engaged would be nice. I'd be okay with engaged. Bleh. Things are not in a good place right now, so we don't really have a choice but to wait. Next week Zack is going to Florida for his step-brother's wedding. I hope it makes him think...haha I'm just kidding. I get to puppy-sit though! I'm very excited. I've been DYING for a puppy for a few weeks now. If I can't get engaged, can I at least have a puppy?

Um, that's all for now. I'm trying to catch up on every Smallville season before Thursday. It's impossible. Literally, there are not enough hours.


ClanRodgersAZ said...

I hope Zack comes back scared to death of the "M" word. You and your mother better communicate more. Love Nana