Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh, 28th post!

I'm feeling ranty.

Here's something really dumb. I'm incredibly jealous of them and their stupid goings-ons. It's not like I WANT to see him, I'm just jealous because I didn't see him first. Now he's all friends with people who used to be my best friends, my absolute best friends and then out of no where they're my friends no more. It hurts. Really bad. I'm still not over it! And the fact that they get to be HIS friends and they have all their happy times and whatever it is they do up there makes me insanely jealous. Whatever. It's just retarded.

But I have good news. I have an amazing boyfriend. He's the happiest, most optimistic person I've ever met and he makes me want to be a better person. We get along in all the right ways, and whatever I don't know, he does. I'm truly and insanely lucky to even know him.

And in even better news, there's more Angel in Season 2 of Buffy. Good day I believe!


Ang & Ryan said...

Well, its always interesting to see who stays the closest and with who. Are you going to his talk on Sunday? its at 11:00, oh and the day before Lauren and co are dropping by his house around 12 to just see him. You should definitely come, deal?
And Angel was probably my favorite character that Joss Whedon has come up with, I really loved the whole Angel series, forget Buffy cause Angel had Spike too!

Shawnee said...

i wish my life was as interesting as yours. sadly, it's nowhere close. remember how I still have your christmas present and dvd but you're too busy all the time? I remember seriously let me know when i can get these to you. i love you! and i'm so glad that you're so happy with zack :)

and don't worry about the old best friends. they're lame-o anyway