Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogger Challenge: Day 1

A couple of my friends have been doing this blog-a-day thing, and I've found it pretty interesting. Ask me if you would like the list...

That being said, here we go.

Day 1: Your Favorite Song
(I'm a glutton, so I'm posting a favorite song from my top 5 bands)

Difficult choice indeed. I think in the history of favorite songs ever, Wonderwall by Oasis is probably it.

Secondly, let's go with MUSE. Starlight qualifies as my favorite song from them. Although really, I love anything they create.

Thirdly, U2. It's a given a U2 song would be in here (if you know my history of crossing the Atlantic to see them). I'm having a difficult time thinking of my favorite song, so I'll share with you my favorite song from their recent tour: Ultraviolet (Light My Way).

Next up, The Killers. When You Were Young. Zack bought me tickets to see these guys last year, it was the best birthday present :).

Finally, Foo Fighters. I cannot choose just one favorite song. I will leave you with a high ranking song though: Best of You.