Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm copying my friend Erin. I want to do a 10 on Tuesday!

  1. It's my birthday! I'm still so childish when it comes to my birthday. I can hardly sleep from excitement and then I get all high-pitched when something awesome happens. Like CUPCAKES! My mom buys me Mini's Cupcakes.

  2. Speaking of which, we went to the Bayou at midnight to celebrate! I feel like the world has opened it's doors to me. Doors in which I can waste more money.

  3. I have effectively effed up this numbering system. Below are some before and after pictures of my latest venture.
  4. I have been picking up Wayne's children, Alex and Katya, from Rowland Hall. They are so stinkin cute. And smart, apparently. Katya is supposedly a child genius.
  5. I set up an alert system so that the minute Iron Man 2 tickets went on sale for IMAX, I could get the best seats. But they went on sale when I was at Coachella so now I have second-best seats. STILL EXCITED THOUGH.
  7. Tonight I am going to see The Losers.
  8. Also, I am taking a final.
  9. Everyone is having babies.
  10. I have to go, sorry!


Erin said...

I love that you're doing this too! Yay. I'm the same as you, I LOVE my bday. I celebrate for at least a week. Happy Day Lady.