Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do the twist!

Things I have acquired this week:
1 Muse DVD/CD set
2 Eddie Izzard tickets
3 pairs of new shoes
I don't know what to do about my math problem (no pun intended). No matter how hard I try, I cannot for the life of me understand anything beyond elementary algebra. It's stupid. I shouldn't need all this math for my major.

I could be a philosopher if it didn't require waking up so early.

I'm really bad at parking.

I have the best boyfriend. He's my other half. The Mr. Darcy to my Elizabeth, the Prince Charming to my Cinderella, the Marshall to my Lily, the Jim to my Pam.

You know...some days I just don't wamt to talk about beer.

My friend Molly and I went to lunch, and it made me really happy because I love her and I miss her.

And finally, I know I've made a pact with myself to never plan out my future, but some things have changed I can't help but wait anxiously for it. I cannot wait to be a grown up. It's gonna happen this summer!


The Hawk's Prettiest Daughter Has Spoken... said...

I hate math too! It is very, very useless and stupid. Especially when your teacher is horrible.

ClanRodgersAZ said...

What does that mean 'become a grown-up this summer.'? Nana