Friday, January 15, 2010

A Difficult 2010

So far, my 2010 has been nothing but stress. I may develop an ulcer by July if this keeps up.

I practically lost my job today. I hadn't worked since December (the 17th to be exact) and I even filed for unemployment. I found out through a third-party system that I "probably" won't come back, which is completely unfair. I was left hanging for three weeks and never properly let go. So my job search continues. Which sucks because I arranged my school schedule this semester around my 10:30-5:00 schedule, so I have a class at 8:00 in the morning and another class at 7:00 in the evening everday.

Since I decided to go into a veterinary technology program, I've been looking around at different schools in Utah that could offer me such a program. They're all crazy expensive and I'd wind up paying off student loans until the end of time. Utah apparently doesn't think of the animal lovers
So my second mama Linnea suggested I go to a school in Phoenix that offers a veterinary technician program (most likely a community college) for much cheaper.

I really want to live abroad for a while, even if it is just Phoenix. Particularly Phoenix because I want to be closer to family, and I already have friends down there I could live with.

So...I don't know. It's all very, very, up in the air right now, but it's looking like a huge possibility.