Friday, January 29, 2010

Volunteer Efforts

This week, I started volunteering with No More Homeless Pets, an organization that helps homeless pets find homes through adoptions, fostering, etc. It's such an amazing organization and I'm thrilled to work with them!

I started with simple office work, and today I spent my morning helping in a kennel where some of the dogs are kept. There were only three dogs today, an older medium sized dog named Rex, a pitbull mix puppy named Phoebe, and some kind of mini-poodle named Mitch.

Rex was playful and has apparently gone through a major transformation. He came to the kennel baring his teeth and growling, but with training has become a friendly, fun dog.

Phoebe was just a pup who didn't quite understand what I was doing with the ball I was throwing and wanted to go inside after five minutes.

Then Mitch. There are specific instructions to go slow with Mitch. When I arrived, he was huddled in a corner and refused to move. After playing with other dogs for a while, I came inside and he hadn't moved. I entered his kennel and still he didn't move. He came from a family in Duchesne County and no one knows what they did to him to make him terrified of people. It's heart wrenching.

I sat in his kennel with him, trying to get him to respond, but he merely kept his head down. But I stayed with him and gave him all the attention and love I could. He still didn't move.

This is exactly why I am so eager to get into the animal field. I want to help them, I want to rehabilitate them and help the ones who need it most. It's disgusting how some people could abuse their pets this way, and Mitch deserves a wonderful home with a loving family. He just needs some help first.

I cannot wait to go back next week.


ClanRodgersAZ said...

What a worthy cause Rebecca. You have always been so kind and loving and even as a little one you wanted to be a Vet. Im sure it will work out for you. I love you and pray for you. Nana