Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Diary of a closet spender

"Ah, the Wells Fargo flower checks," he said, silently judging me for choosing another bank, "while you're here we should get you an account."

I groaned inwardly.

"Do I need to open one here if I'm just giving you my car payment?" I asked, genuinely curious...and worried. I weighed the options of having another stress pot (read: bank account).

"Well, no, but we'd like it if you did."

"I'm sure." I was not amused.

I left the Chase bank feeling completely blonde. I'd been three different locations trying to make a car payment, all because I don't read what is right in front of me. It had gotten to the point where I just wanted to hand some guy on the street a blank check, glad anyone would be willing to accept my car payment.

I sat in my car after that, glaring at a perpetual stop light realizing this was the beginning of a beautiful psycle. Girl gets fancy new object (car, education, food), girl gets a payment date, girl stresses about payment, girl is berated repeatedly about payments, girl finally makes payments, girl stresses about next payments, buys self mexican meal out of self-loathing.

Then, over my chicken burrito combo, I wondered when my breaking point was. When would I snap? Have I already snapped? What happens after snappage? Am I post-snappage and oblivious? Didn't obliviousness lead to my snappage?

I dropped all worries immediately. For I needed another Sprite.


Ang & Ryan said...

Thats awful, I'm way sorry for you. Hate banks, hate them... Anywho, is there anyway you can setup an automatic electric payment through your online banking?

As an avid bank hater, I avoid banks at all cost and use my online banking.

And credit unions don't judge people, I've noticed, even if I don't know account numbers.
Yay for credit unions

Andrew/Andy/Rusty said...

That seriously sucks and sounds real frustrating. Why do places have to complicate things SO much?

Sprite and Mexican food are a great way to relieve stress.

Shawnee said...

Don't you worry your pretty little head. While Chase is a HUGE banking company, I would never, ever bank with them. You may be asking why...and I'll tell you.

Chase bank help supports the Sudanese government - who happen to be killing all of their own people after raping all their women.

Way to stick with Wells Fargo :)