Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So here it goes

-I'm still apathetic about the move. I don't want to move.

-I don't have too much of a choice anyway, seeing as lately I've been financially screwed.

-School is stressing me out too bad. I'm taking next semester off.

-I'm addicted to 90210.

-I feel like I can't do anything right anymore.

-As for the last blog...I know what that point feels like now.


PHX101x2 said...

I'm not really into giving too much advice, but if you're interested in learning from my save yourself some pain, time, money, etc...

There is NO taking a break from school. Trust me. You won't go'll get a job or get married, or find something more "important" to do.

If you let yourself get out of the habit, you will be me some day - working 50+ hours a week, taking 2-3 classes a semester, trying to keep up with school debt, house payments, wedding plans, etc...

Trust me when I say that I KNOW school blows!! I'm 28 (now closer to 29) and I have been trying to maintain this pace for 3 years...It's the hardest thing I have ever done.

If finishing school is important to you, if it's a goal of yours...just lighten your class load. Don't take a complete break...or it will become something less and less important for you to finish.

One more thing (while I'm at it)...I also know a little something about living at home when you want to live somewhere and possibly with someone else. I totally understand this too. "Tough it out" as long as possible.

Once you move out...there is no going back. It will never be the me (and both of your parents are YOUR parents, but it still will never be the same).

Be patient if you can. You seem to have super cool parents that don't micro-manage your life, but they still help out. You have your entire life to live on your own, pay bills and worry about money, mortgages, and all that other crapola that come with moving out and officially growing up.

I bought my first house at 18...almost 19. It has worked out for me (in the long run), but it's been an uphill battle for the last 10 years. Luckily I have a great career that is recession proof and make okay money. But it's still hard. Trying to accomplish the police academy, and the training, and then switching departments, and then going to school, working awful hours (nights/weekends/holidays/etc) is exhausting.

I am very happy and there is very little about my life I would change, but it would be nice to have finished school living at home or maybe in a dorm. I really cheated myself out of those important experiences.

Just food for thought...not trying to be preachy, just thought it might help to know you aren't alone in your feelings. If you could learn or benefit from some of the hardship I've already hit head-on, then maybe it would be worth it.

Take care,


Abbracadabra said...

Easy solution to all things frustrating: Cafe Rio and some Scrubs. With a little Doctoring of Pepper on the side.