Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In the meantime...

Well, it looks like we're moving. I found out through a text message. It may not be for a month or three and it's not settled yet, but I'm sure that it's happening.


I don't want to move. Yes I do, that was a lie, but I don't want to move with my parents. I love them but I'm nineteen and I want to live on my own. Everyone says, "stay! It's free!" but I don't care. Try thinking back to when you were nineteen and desperate for your own adulthood. It wouldn't be as bad if the place had a mother-in-law apartment, but it doesn't. I want my own place. A little (more) independence...wouldn't be too much of a change actually. I guess I'm going to start looking around, see what I can afford.

And when typing "affordable apartments for Rebecca Frost, Salt Lake City" on Google, search returns no results.

Things will work out, why shouldn't they? Maybe I can form a living area under my desk at work. It's about the size of a studio apartment. Yeah, that'll work. Oh and I need a new cell phone. Mine is no bueno. Oh well. Until next time.

P.S. "Praying for an assassination"? That is a little extreme and not to mention offensive.


Ang & Ryan said...

Howdy, if you don't mind my asking, whats your range? Thinking of having Roomates? Area you are looking in?...sorry, its just there are lots of affordable dirt cheap places, they just aren't advertised well, hence the dirt poor part.

But I agree everyone needs their freedom. To stand on their own two feet, so I salute you for trying.

Praying for assassination....some ppl just don't get it...

ClanRodgersAZ said...

Living in the basement is almost the same as a mother-in-law apartment. And isn't it closer to work and the U? Make good choices, not expedient ones. Love, Nana

Andrew/Andy/Rusty said...

Um, I googled "affordable apartments for Rebecca Frost, Salt Lake City" and lots of stuff came up.