Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Lineup?

I miss having weekends.

But I've been working a lot. And I mean a LOT. I started my job at the rec center as a referee for little kids soccer and it is so much fun! Watching little kids (pre-school and kindergarten) try to play soccer is just such a treat. I never knew kids could be so cute.

I'm going camping this weekend. It's going to be sweeeet.

I've gone to the gym everyday this week after work. Zack is really whipping me into shape. I hate him in the gym. He's a really great motivator though. He wants to be a personal trainer so he "practices" on me. This first week has been so painful. However, we were watching tv this evening and while he was giving me a foot rub he noticed I've gained some muscle. Muscle! ME! It's scary. I've got it on my legs and my arms, it's...freaking me out. I feel great though, and that's awesome.

I'm off. It's one thirty in the morning and I need sleep.