Monday, May 26, 2008

Would you like some random with your coffee?

Some movies I've seen: Prince Caspian, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, A New Wave and The Hard Easy (some crappy bank robbing movies starring both John Krasinski AND David Boreanaz), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Baby Mama, Harold and Kumar, Gray Matters (a weird indy with Heather Graham and Tom Cav...Ed), December Boys, Death at a Funeral, and...I think that's all of them. Also, I've re-watched Cloverfield and Juno over and over again.

So, I've noticed that lately I've been getting less convex and I think I may be dropping a few pounds. I just have to reach the goal I set then I can reward myself! I was thinking of rewarding myself with a new tattoo but we'll see what happens.

I can't take summer school because it costs too much. I'm going to be working a lot more instead. The hunt for a new job begins! I think I'll work this summer at Apple Spice, but that's only for the summer. I'm going to have to quit a job though. I can't keep up with Beer Nut, IHC, soccer AND Apple Spice. One of them has to go.

Right now I'm looking for a picture of my Men in Black cake my mom made for one of my birthdays. That cake was awesome. And I'm watching The Andromeda Strain. I read that book a while ago, I actually liked it.

I've been struggling with aspects of my life lately. I don't want to go into detail's hard. I feel like I've lost everything and I don't know what to think or what I can do about it because I try so hard to believe it but everything is proving otherwise. It doesn't make sense but like I said, I didn't want to go into detail.

There have been some life changing movies in my life. Mean Girls made me grow up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall made me realize what I want to do with my life, and I think Indiana Jones made me realize what I might want to do in school. We'll see though.

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I'll take some random, but hold the coffee. Sounds like life is pretty crazy right now! Join the club, and uh... good luck? It was good seeing you on monday, that was a pleasant surprise, you looked great. One of these days when you aren't busy with one of your five bigillion jobs we should hang out, you know, catch up and what not.

Peace out Ninja!