Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Money doesn't buy happiness."

"That phrase should end with, 'just kidding.'"

Because I'm a Taurus, I tend to do a lot of impulse buying. I bought a $500 camera today. It's a really, really nice one and I love it dearly. I only bought it because I got an economic stimulus check and a pay check in the mail. I don't know what I was thinking.

It's not buyer's regret. It's Rebecca-has-no-money-what-was-I-thinking regret. Suddenly, I have to spend all this money that I don't have and I can't do it anymore. I have school, I have a trip to Seattle coming up, I HAVE SCHOOL. I haven't been staying at home so I have to help pay my own way for things. I HAVE SCHOOL.

I'm thinking of dropping my summer semester. I can barely afford my school as-is, why add to the pressure by adding another semester? I really don't know what to do. Why does money have to be such a huge issue in my life?

If you're wondering, it's a Nikon D40 and it's amazing.


The Hawk's Prettiest Daughter Has Spoken... said...

I sorry that this is stressing you out so much... I'm an impulse buyer myself, and it tends to lead me to trouble.

I just bought a new Coach purse. Don't get me wrong it's amazing, and I love it. It's just that... well it was pretty dang expensive for a girl with no money. lol.

Andrew/Andy/Rusty said...

As a Taurus, I totally love impulse buying too.