Sunday, April 27, 2008

19th Birthday!

I had a birthday today! It was probably my favorite birthday I've had. I just feel bad there aren't any pictures, I just don't take a camera anywhere! Argh.

So this morning I woke up, did laundry (fyi, I've NEVER done my own laundry, today was my first day), and then called up Zack. Zack and I went to get lunch then we took it on a picnic (kind of) on a hike up Ensign Peak. I was exhausted and the stupid boy didn't even get winded. It was a great hike though, it made me decide I want to get in shape. I have a gym membership now so, why not?

After the hike we went to the Gateway where I bought a new bike helmet and a camelback for our future hikes. Then we saw Baby Mama and just chilled out for a while. Then bowling, where he beat me twice. The scores were soooo close (110, 119)! Jerk, he used to be really bad at bowling too.

But I went to dinner with my parents on Saturday and brought Zack so he finally met my parents after our six months of dating. He was nervous, I don't blame him, my mom is scary. Things went very well though.

I've had a very good birthday :)