Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Perspective

Here's whats up.

I can't deal with old friendships and relationships. It's sad but once I move on, I'm moved on for good. I'm sorry but it's true. I had my heart broken. I've had my heart broken quite a few times, but over the course of two years I've grown from it and I honestly cannot face what hurt me back then.

I was in a very serious relationship (at least I think it was) about two years ago. He left on a mission and I completely supported it. But, as time went on, I grew into who I was and learned what I wanted and who I am. I pretty much broke it off with him and I still feel bad about it because I know I hurt his feelings and I continue to even today. I'm sorry.

My group of friends all left on their respective journies, leaving me and my best friend here to grow and explore our lives back home. I fell in love, again, and vowed I would try to wait for him. Then me and my best friend grew apart due to reasons I don't even know about today. Whatever happened to that friendship? It hurt me, she hurt me bad. I can't even think about two years ago because that friendship was lost and it was such a key part of my life back then. I've grown out of it, and I can't face all the people who are returning because it only makes my heart ache to think about the times back then.

I don't want to relive my past. I love all my old friends though, even though I don't show it. I don't know what else to say...but when I think of it I'll try to tell you.


Shawnee said...

:( sad day

Anonymous said...


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